“The Book of You™ and Coaching Report is an incredible assessment tool. I was amazed the first time I used it with a client. It gave me a head start and a way to be more efficient and effective as a career coach. I can’t believe I haven’t been using this tool for the past two years!!! I will be using it with every client going forward!”

Christine Gautreaux, MSW, Coach

“What initially helped me was support. I was in a situation that had me feeling isolated, unsupported, and disempowered and in just taking the questionnaire I felt that since I was taking responsibility for my feelings in the situation, I began to feel more empowered. And then when we went over the results, suddenly I had language to put with my needs and was able to communicate effectively with my new business partner. It made all the difference in the world to me as an empath that until recently has been unable to stand in and hold her own power very well in the face of dominance and the pathos of narcissism. In the end, I realized that we were completely incompatible as a business partnership and not only was I able to walk away calm-cool-collected and without regrets, but the assessment helped me suss out the real issues in the relationship and ultimately avoid a completely toxic partnership that would’ve taken me down in a big way down the road.”

A. Nicole

“As a graduating senior in college, the next step was something that I couldn’t get off my mind—I was constantly flipping between law school, journalism school and hopping right into the “real world”. The Book of You helped me figure out what I really wanted to do and what my personality is best suited for. The specificity is what really amazed me, though. Within an hour, I had a list of jobs and career paths that just felt right.”

E. Nelson

“I did Strength Finders 2.0, and, while the information was good, I am astounded by the level of intimate detail that the Know Thyself Guides® at Work showed from my Birkman Method® assessment. I learned so much about the way I operate and why. This is fantastic to read and it almost had a “rulebook or playbook” type of description of my operating principals. Now, I know how to work from a more effective standpoint.”

J. James

“I have done a few employment personality test, but I am astonished by the insight I got from Know Thyself Guides®. Through this process, I have a clear understanding of what I need to be happy at work. Now that I know my strengths, needs, and interests I can craft my day to support both me and those I work with. Brilliant!”

M. Barrios

What is most exciting about this method is that it focuses on what I need to be happy in my work environment. Developing a road map helps me to make better job choices and ask the right questions during the interview process. What a great tool!”

K. Erovick

“For years I have been an investment banker. My career was great, but I always felt that something was lacking. After reading my personalized Know Thyself Guides® online assessment, I found out how important creative projects are for me. Before reading this I was stressed out trying to be a banker without fulfilling my need for creativity. Now, I make the time to pursue photography and the outdoors, because it makes me happy.”

T. Williamson

“I have done countless career test assessments without much luck. But, this book guided me through the process to determine if the job I am thinking about is right for my personal needs and strengths. No more second-guessing about what I need to be happy at work. With this book I KNOW! I now know my preferred work environment and the types of jobs that are best for my personality.”

A. Alioto

I have been in sales roles my whole career. During my recent job search, I took time to work through my personalized Know Thyself Guide®. I discovered that what would make me happier is a more technical, hands-on role. With knowledge about where to start looking, I easily found a job that was perfect for me as an application support engineer.”

Peter G.