Why the Birkman Method®?

The Know Thyself Process® is powered by The Birkman Method®, a powerful assessment that can pinpoint with surprising accuracy your unique set of interests, strengths, and needs. Just like Intel Inside® is used for personal computers, the Birkman Method® is what is inside this guide. We researched many third-party tools to help create the best 21-day customised products in the world. What we found is that The Birkman Method® was the most comprehensive assessment on the market, so we licensed their technology to create your guides.

The Birkman Method® has been used for over 60 years and by more than 3 million people. What makes The Birkman Method® different from other assessment tools is its ability to distinguish an individual’s usual behavior from his or her needs and to predict with astonishing accuracy his or her likely stress behaviors if needs are not being met.

Watch this video and see how The Birkman Method® Works.

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