Who Was Dr. Birkman?

Dr. Roger Birkman was a fighter pilot during the Second World War. He was fascinated that a troop of men could all experience the same exact event, but each man would have completely different perceptions of the event. How could that be? He wanted to find out.

What he discovered in the process is that our perceptions of others is a critical component to understanding our unique personalities and leads to a good understanding of our motivational needs.

In this interview with Dr. B, as we fondly referred to him, he explains his vision for how his instrument can be used. He believed that everyone has a purpose and that our Needs are a part of the “marvelous gift” of who we are. It is his hope that The Birkman Method® will help us all to first love and accept ourselves. Secondly, he hopes that it will be used by us all to see the potential in others.


The Birkman Method® now includes four very important factors:

  • Our personal Needs
  • Our individual Strengths
  • Our unique Interests
  • Our less known Stress Reactions

Once you understand your Needs, Strengths, Interests, and Stress Reactions you can make life choices that are in line with what will make you truly happy.

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