Are You Inspired? If Not, How to get inspired by Mitch Joel

Business powerhouse Mitch Joel.
Business powerhouse Mitch Joel.


Mitch Joel, is a digital titan. Frequently, he is called upon to be the expert voice for Fast Company, Marketing Magazine, Strategy, The Globe & Mail and many more outlets. He is a regular columnist for the Harvard Business Review, Inc. Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

So, when we came across his article “How To Be Inspired At Work” we were intrigued. He writes, “Know your purpose on the planet and then follow it.  If you do this you will begin to see inspiration in everything you see, hear, touch, and do.”

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Are There Only 3 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Job as Louis Efron writes?


In his Forbes article, Three Steps For Finding Your Perfect Job, Career, And Life, Louis Efron list three important steps for finding your perfect job. He says, “People who are happiest and most fulfilled live what is the perfect job, career and life for them. This does not mean living their life would be perfect for you. Like a snowflake, perfection is defined individually. It is achievable for anyone willing to put the effort into defining, discovering and pursuing it.”

Efron goes on to say,  “The first step in your journey is to understand what you are most passionate about, love, and naturally do best.  I agree wholeheartedly that it is important to understand what your passions are (Interests or WHAT you love to do) and what you are good at (Strengths or HOW you have learned to be successful).  They may not be one and the same.  In addition, there is also a piece missing. We need to understand our needs, or what we need our work environment to look like.  This is what frees us to do WHAT we love HOW we can be successful in doing so. Read more

Does Being Happy at Work Matter? Annie McKee Says Yes!

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Annie McKee has written a compelling article in the Harvard Business Review about how important it is to be happy at work.  In her article, Being Happy at Work Matters. Ms. McKee writes, “Added up, brain science and our organizational research are in fact debunking the old myths: emotions matter a lot at work. Happiness is important. To be fully engaged, people need vision, meaning, purpose, and resonant relationships.” On this point I agree 100%.

What I do not agree with in this: “There are clear similarities in what people say they want and need, no matter where they are from, whom they work for, or what they do. We often assume that there are huge differences across industries and around the world but the research challenges that assumption.” It is interesting to me that no research is quoted to support this finding.

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The Power of Your True Interests When Searching for a Job

Kerr LetterNow that I am changing my career based on my Know Thyself Guide® findings, I wonder what my career path would have been like if I truly understood and pursued my real passions from the very beginning.

Basic research has always been an interest to me. I was a math major in college, focusing on some very esoteric areas of real and complex analysis. It was my intent to get my Ph. D. and enter academia, primarily so that I could continue research in this area. I shelved this idea following my masters because the market was glutted at the time with Ph. D. mathematicians. Imagine that now!

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Lightening the Load along the Camino

Every day that I walked the Camino de Santiago de Compestela, I took one more thing from my backpack and left it behind. I wanted to do anything to lighten my load, but I wanted to be sure my basic needs would be met. The first day I took out my Spanish English dictionary. I had not used it, and it was the heaviest thing in my pack. I had learned that I could get by with sign language if my meager Spanish was insufficient. I continued on until the only things left were my rain jacket, my passports (my US passport and my Camino passport), a few Euros (bills but no coins), and some water. I could get all my basic needs met with these few things. Everything else was discarded.

Other pilgrims were doing the same thing. One pilgrim even ditched her sleeping bag. She found that she could get basic sleeping needs met at each hostel where she stayed, and she did not need to lug the extra weight around.

I thought this was an interesting metaphor for Knowing Ourselves. In deciding how to shed the extra weight, each pilgrim was getting in touch with his/her own most basic needs. Each of us was also learning what needs we could depend upon others to supply and what needs had to be addressed by ourselves alone.

The lesson is applicable to all needs in life. How do we get in touch with what we really need? How do we learn what we can expect to get from others and what we need to address some other way?  In walking the Camino, we were focused on the most basic needs, and we were learning by trial and error. When it comes to personality needs, the process of knowing is a bit harder, and trial and error can have more serious consequences. But this process can be short circuited with Know Thyself Guides®. Once we understand our own needs and how we can best get them met, our load can truly be lightened.

With lightness in my step,


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