Jury Duty

A few weeks ago, I was summoned for jury duty. I showed up yesterday at the appointed hour, a bit annoyed that I had to take time away from my business to fulfill this obligation.   I can honestly say that I showed up expecting things to be slow, inefficient, inconvenient and overly structured and bureaucratic. I was praying that I would not be selected for an actual jury.

Here are some snippets from my own Know Thyself Guide® that might have predicted my initial frame of mind:

You tend to be demotivated if you are required to interact with larger groups for long periods of time. I was to be in a jury room with 183 other people I did not know for a whole day. No wonder I took 3 books to read.

You can become pressured if required to adhere to structured procedures. I asked if I could go get a cup of coffee and was told, “No.”

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Why I am Thrilled to be the Moderator of the TEDxWilmingtonSalon “Second Chances”

Sarah TED photo

It was Colonel Harland Sanders who said: “The moral out of my life is don’t quit at age 65. Maybe your boat hasn’t come in yet. Mine hadn’t.”

Colonel Sanders was 65 years old with only a $105 monthly pension check when he began in earnest to sell his chicken recipe to restaurants in exchange for a small fee for every piece of chicken sold. It took him 12 years, but he did make a go of it and sold his franchise business for $2M in 1964. Colonel Sanders is embodiment of the adage that it is never too late to live your dreams. Read more