Preparing for and Delivering a Presentation in Line With Your Personality

Your personality shapes how you naturally act and react to things every day. Preparing for a presentation is no exception. My recent talk at TEDxWilmingtonWomen 2017 got me thinking. How does someone’s personality affect how they prepare for and deliver a presentation? How had my own personality come into play for this important event?

It turned out that TEDxWilmington’s process for prepping their speakers was perfectly suited to my personality. The process was structured, with lots of interim check points—and candid comments—along the way. For someone who responds best to lots of structure and straightforward feedback, this process helped me keep my nerves in check.

No matter your personality type, when you prepare for a presentation at work, a social event, or other venue, you have three main elements to consider:

  • Your process of getting ready
  • Your delivery
  • Your management of anxiety

How you go about handling the speech-giving process has a lot to do with your unique personality.

As you prepare for and deliver a presentation,

  • How do you deal with time?
  • How much do you involve other people?
  • How much structure do you put into your own process?
  • How do you address feedback?

Think about your answers. As we explore the preparation and delivery of presentations in upcoming articles, you’ll learn steps that can minimize the stress you experience during the process.

For me, the best way to manage my anxiety was to view the presentation as a task to be accomplished in service of a bigger mission. Every step along the way was a necessary item to completing that task well. This may not work for you. You may need to view this as a way to relate to others. The key is to get this balance right in line with your own personality.

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