A Personalized Coaching Program for Coaches

Several years ago, I attended an authors’ retreat at Jack Canfield’s house. I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Sharon Livingston, a psychologist, coach, and trainer with whom I now train professional coaches. We blended her focus group and coaching expertise (and deep skills learned from interviewing over 62,000 people) with my personalization tools, and a unique program for coaches was born. With our training, coaches learn how to rapidly gain valuable insight into their clients.

What distinguishes our program from others?

1. It’s personalized for each coach/client relationship. It is human nature to coach from the perspective of our own interests and strengths. But clients need coaching from the perspective of THEIR OWN interests and NEEDS. These needs, however, are often hidden from coaches—and from the coachees themselves. Our seminar uses Book of You™ and tools from Doc Sharon’s years of focus group work to unlock that information.

Our program helps coaches quickly determine the most effective approach for their coachees.

2. It helps coaches identify their niche. Whether a coach chooses to specialize in nutrition, personal finance education, exercise, or the like, refining a niche is essential for success. We use the Book of You™ to help narrow the focus. Then Doug Lipman, a storytelling expert, teaches coaches how to tell their story so they can immediately connect with their target audience.

3. It delivers valuable information on how to market and promote your new coaching practice.

If you are interested in becoming a professional coach, please join us for a four-day immersive training session. You will learn valuable coaching skills and earn a coaching certification from the Livingston Center for Professional Coaching. Plus, you will be eligible for six months of weekly, live supervision.

The next training is October 13-16 in Boston.  To register or learn more about upcoming programs, click here.   

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