The Key to Success? Leverage Your Strengths.

What makes you successful at work? In very simple terms, the answer is a work environment that allows you to easily use your strengths and mitigates stress. If your needs are met, stress will be alleviated.

Let’s look at your strengths, first. These are the behaviors that you have developed as a means to be successful. They are how you usually behave and how you show up to the world. It is the combination of these traits that becomes your reputation. Others can usually see these components of your personality, but whether these behaviors are a strength is situation-dependent.

Each behavior exists on a continuum. There are no right or wrong behaviors, and one end of the continuum is not better than the other. For simplicity, let’s consider a car analogy and a continuum of large to small. Consider the differences between a Land Rover and a smart® car. One is big, and the other is small. Is one right or wrong? No. They are just different. Depending on the situation, those differences become strengths. For example, if I am driving in a crowded city, like London, I want a small car that is relatively easy to park on narrow, congested streets. I want a smart® car. But if I am driving on rough, unpaved roads in the mountains, I may prefer a Land Rover that will provide stability and comfort. Which car has the strength? It depends upon the situation. In the case of a smart® car, the small size that creates flexibility in movement and parking is a strength in a crowded, busy city such as London. In the case of the Land Rover, there is protection and a comfortable ride. But whether that is a strength is completely situation-dependent. The large size of the Land Rover is not necessarily as effective in London. And the small size and flexibility of the smart® car is not going to be a strength on unpaved, mountainous roads.

In the right situations, your usual behavior is your strength. But in the wrong situations, your behavior can be ineffective, even detrimental. When learning about yourself, it is important to understand what your usual behavior is and in which situations your behavior will be a strength.

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