Scott Eddy Shares What Ordinary People Don’t Do

One of our goals at Know Thyself Guides® is to introduce you to others who have found the keys to being happy, successful, and understood. We had a chance to meet up with Scott Eddy who is an internationally known public speaker, networker, and entrepreneur. Scott was a stockbroker for a decade, but realized that his passion and talents were not being truly utilized. So he quit. And, since 1999, he has been living overseas. Thailand (ten years), Spain (four years), London for (one year) the Philippines (ten months), and Portugal (six months).

The extraordinary Scott Eddy
Scott Eddy

He has an epic Twitter following of 608,000 people. Scott is a social media expert who has been seen on Bloomberg and The New York Times. You don’t get to his level of success by being ordinary. Read more

Breaking Bread Behind Bars

Photo credit Joel Plotkin
Photo credit Joel Plotkin

Last week I attended “Breaking Bread Behind Bars,” an extraordinary dinner at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution (aka prison). It was an evening of hope in second chances to pursue dreams inspired by passions.  The inmates who prepared our meal and with whom we dined were in the culinary program. They envisioned prospective culinary careers that would fulfill their passions for food.

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Jack Welch, author of The Real Life MBA Shares Wisdom With Grads

Jack Welch book
Jack and Suzy Welch’s new book: The Real-Life MBA

I love this open letter from Jack and Suzy Welch to graduates. Even though the economy is not great and the task of finding a job is daunting, they recommend that graduates focus on finding their Area of Destiny. Expanding on this, they explain that career satisfaction and success lie at the intersection of “Two super highways…what you are uniquely good at and what you love doing.” While the dollars may not be there immediately, Jack and Suzy claim they will come and you will at least be happy in the process.

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