Does Being Happy at Work Matter? Annie McKee Says Yes!

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Annie McKee has written a compelling article in the Harvard Business Review about how important it is to be happy at work.  In her article, Being Happy at Work Matters. Ms. McKee writes, “Added up, brain science and our organizational research are in fact debunking the old myths: emotions matter a lot at work. Happiness is important. To be fully engaged, people need vision, meaning, purpose, and resonant relationships.” On this point I agree 100%.

What I do not agree with in this: “There are clear similarities in what people say they want and need, no matter where they are from, whom they work for, or what they do. We often assume that there are huge differences across industries and around the world but the research challenges that assumption.” It is interesting to me that no research is quoted to support this finding.

There is a reason that we have chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Some people want one and some people want the other. We are all different. A vision that is compelling to one may not be to another. And what constitutes a deep relationship will truly differ for each person based on her unique interests, strengths, and needs. Indeed, some people don’t know exactly what they want or need because they have been trying too hard just to make ends meet. But, I believe that through the Know Thyself Process® readers get a tangible list of Strengths, Interests, Needs, and Stress Reactions that give them the roadmap to truly understanding what will make them happy at work. Understanding what will bring you happiness is the first step to improving your life.

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