The Power of Your True Interests When Searching for a Job

Kerr LetterNow that I am changing my career based on my Know Thyself Guide® findings, I wonder what my career path would have been like if I truly understood and pursued my real passions from the very beginning.

Basic research has always been an interest to me. I was a math major in college, focusing on some very esoteric areas of real and complex analysis. It was my intent to get my Ph. D. and enter academia, primarily so that I could continue research in this area. I shelved this idea following my masters because the market was glutted at the time with Ph. D. mathematicians. Imagine that now!

Yesterday I came across a letter that my seventh grade science teacher wrote to my parents. I was cleaning out some files and found the letter neatly folded between my files. What this teacher said is that I displayed unusual insight, imagination, and curiosity. He asked my parents to consider basic research in their guidance to me on my future endeavors.

The Birkman Method®, the personality profiling instrument that I use as part of the Know Thyself Guides®, has a dimension of interests that it calls scientific. It basically measures an individual’s passion for pursuing questions of “why,” e.g., passion for basic research. I am pretty much off the scale on that measure, scoring 98 out of a possible 100.

So, in retrospect, it is not surprising that my seventh grade science teacher intuitively knew this about me. It is not unexpected that this was my first inclination for a career path. Now, it makes sense that I am choosing focus on research in my post corporate life.

What I wonder though, is what would have been different had I fully embraced this self knowledge earlier in my career.

How about you? Are you loving your career, or did you choose it based on outside influences? Are you searching for a job now? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

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