Eating my Own Dog Food

Photo credit: BuzzFarmers
Photo credit: BuzzFarmers

There’s a not-so-appetizing phrase used in product development: “Eating your own dog food.” It’s slang, used to describe when a company uses its own product to validate the quality and capabilities of the product. Well, I am about to eat my own dog food. I am going to change careers and use my Know Thyself Guide® as a compass for change.

This might not sound like a big deal, but I have been working for big corporations for 37 years.   I have been a partner with my current company for 17 years.  I had a lot of responsibility leading a great global team.  I had an amazing salary and incredible perks that come with corporate life. But some things were missing—I was not happy. So, I quit my job and will be taking the next 21 days to read my Know Thyself Guide®.

Fortunately, I have studied my own Know Thyself Guide® carefully, and I understand that I need lots of time to think deeply about what I’m working on. I need focused time to plan where to apply my energies. I also love physical exercise. So, as I embark on new career challenges, I am going to take a pilgrimage.  A group from my church is going to walk a portion of the Camino del Santiago—the way of St. James—in Spain.  I will get the physical exercise I love and have plenty of time to think about how to focus my energies in the next decade. I do not want to minimize divine inspiration.  I think that I am more likely to be open to it when I am doing what I love.  So I anticipate some real insights from this journey.  I will record my thoughts, what I am learning about myself as a way to better Know Myself, in these blogs.

Of course, I’m taking my personalized Know Thyself Guide® with me. I am taking the new ePub version so I can read it on my iPad and with the new note taking capability, I can also record thoughts directly in my book.

Look for thoughts along the “Way.”


– Sarah


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