The Fit that’s Just Right: Choosing a Career that Matches Your Talents, Strengths and Passions

We’ve all been there – you buy an article of clothing in the store. It’s expensive, but you just love it. Or maybe you don’t love it, but you really need it and don’t feel like hunting through a dozen stores to find something better. Perhaps you even try it on for size before you leave the store, yet when you get home and put it on, the fit is wrong, the color is awful on you and you can’t imagine what you were thinking when you bought it.

Choosing a career can be like that. The difference is that you can’t return a career to the store if it doesn’t fit, and you can’t shove it in the back of the closet and forget about it either. You can, however, educate yourself on how to get a better career fit and then exchange that too-small or over-large job for one that is tailor-made for you.

How can you do that? First, you need to learn about yourself. What are you truly passionate about? What in life captures and holds your interest? What are your strengths and how do they relate to your passions? Are there obstacles holding you back, and how can you get around them?

When you’re choosing a career, discovering the answers to these questions is as basic as knowing your dress or shoe size before you go clothes shopping. It’s essential you do your homework and explore size, color and style before investing your time and money in pursuing a career.

Sometimes, you need help in making a selection. You may take your wingman to the store with you when you’re picking out a shirt for your big date. Or, you sit down with your bestie and watch a few episodes of a fashion show. Better still, you work with a knowledgeable consultant in the store whose feedback and expertise can help you discover what looks great on you.

Just as there’s a perfect outfit for every individual and occasion, there’s a job out there that’s perfect for you. Think of a personalized me-book™ from Know Thyself Guides® as the career consultant who helps you discover what works for you. With the insight you’ll gain from taking our Birkman Method® questionnaire, you’ll be able to better understand the types of careers that will be a good fit for your passions, interests and strengths.

No one wants to wear ill-fitting clothes, and you should never settle for a career that doesn’t fit.

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