Birkman Method

Why The Birkman Method®

The Know Thyself Process® is powered by The Birkman Method®, a powerful assessment that can pinpoint with surprising accuracy your unique set of:

Interests, Strengths, and Needs.

Just like Intel Inside® is used for personal computers, the Birkman Method® is the technology behind the process!

Strengths of the Birkman Method®

  • Used for over 50 years
  • By more than 2.5 million people
  • Can distinguish usual behavior from needs
  • Can describe situations where strengths can be fully utilized
  • Accurately predicts stress behavior if needs are not met


Dr. Brown’s Story
“I was first introduced to the Birkman Method® in 1994 when I was working for DuPont. I had a new team and we had to start working well together very fast. I was astounded at how accurately the Birkman Method® described the team and me. As a result, I learned what I needed to be happy and successful, and I had a chance to see what the others on my team needed as well. It also enabled us to pinpoint needs, especially those that others did not fully understand about the other team members. In other words, we found out what caused each of us stress. And ironically, it was totally different for each of us! Personally, I used it as a part of my pre-marital counseling. Throughout my marriage, my husband and I have referenced the information provided by the Birkman Method® to better understand each other.”