Let Your Personality Be Your Career Guide


If you are currently searching for a job, do you know what will make you truly happy?

Do you know what will make you successful?

Do you know what you will need from your boss or coworkers to be understood and to reduce stress at work?

How would you know the ideal job if it were offered to you?

Imagine a job that allows you to pursue your interests or passions using your unique strengths. Imagine that it causes little stress because your on-the-job needs are met. If your job meets this criteria, you would most likely be happy, successful, and understood at work.

All you need to know are a few things about your unique personality. This book will show you some simple ways to determine what these factors are for you and how you can translate that into career happiness and success.

This valuable handbook also offers examples of how others have used this information to find their own dream job or create the right conditions within their current job. You’ll find examples from college students just embarking on their first jobs to more seasoned professionals looking for post-retirement bliss, and many other examples in between.

And if you want even more help, included is a coupon for a 50% discount to get a personalized Book of You™, a completely customized book all about you, with content generated just for you, based on the answers you give to a world-renowned personality assessment. The Book of You™ also contains pointers to specific jobs that are a good match for your personality profile.

With knowledge about your unique personality, and with help on how to translate that into good career choices, you really can be happy, successful, and understood at work.

Our New Book!

Let Your Personality Be Your Career Guide