About Us

Are you Happy, Successful, and Understood…

  • In your work?
  • In the most important relationships in your life?
  • In the communities where you live and volunteer (your church, synagogue, or a non profit organization you care about)?
  • As you go about the day-to-day tasks in your life, like managing your health and finances?

If so, congratulations!  That is what we want for everyone.  But, if there is some dimension of your life where you answer NO to these questions,  then we are here to help.

Our mission with the Book of You® and Know Thyself Guides® is to equip you with personalized, easy-to-understand knowledge about yourself and others that you can immediately put it into action toward becoming happy, successful, and understood in your chosen pursuit.

With this information about YOU, you can jumpstart finding the career that is right for YOU, improving a relationship that is important to YOU, and working happily and successfully in a volunteer service role.  To achieve this goal, every book has to be unique and all about YOU.  We do not know of any product on the market that can provide this kind of customized, personalized self-help.

Many people keep asking us why we started doing this.  Here are the answers: