A. Nicole

“What initially helped me was support. I was in a situation that had me feeling isolated, unsupported, and disempowered and in just taking the questionnaire I felt that since I was taking responsibility for my feelings in the situation, I began to feel more empowered. And then when we went over the results, suddenly I had language to put with my needs and was able to communicate effectively with my new business partner. It made all the difference in the world to me as an empath that until recently has been unable to stand in and hold her own power very well in the face of dominance and the pathos of narcissism. In the end, I realized that we were completely incompatible as a business partnership and not only was I able to walk away calm-cool-collected and without regrets, but the assessment helped me suss out the real issues in the relationship and ultimately avoid a completely toxic partnership that would’ve taken me down in a big way down the road.”