Scott Eddy Shares What Ordinary People Don’t Do

One of our goals at Know Thyself Guides® is to introduce you to others who have found the keys to being happy, successful, and understood. We had a chance to meet up with Scott Eddy who is an internationally known public speaker, networker, and entrepreneur. Scott was a stockbroker for a decade, but realized that his passion and talents were not being truly utilized. So he quit. And, since 1999, he has been living overseas. Thailand (ten years), Spain (four years), London for (one year) the Philippines (ten months), and Portugal (six months).

The extraordinary Scott Eddy
Scott Eddy

He has an epic Twitter following of 608,000 people. Scott is a social media expert who has been seen on Bloomberg and The New York Times. You don’t get to his level of success by being ordinary.

Scott is now in San Francisco where he is the global spokesperson for Zipkick. While in town, Scott went through the Know Thyself Process®. We caught up with him between his busy speaking schedules and talked with him about his personalized Know Thyself Guide®.

“One of the best parts of the Know Thyself Guide® is seeing my Needs in black and white and understanding my Stress Reactions. Yes, we all have them, but what do we do with them? I think that’s the difference between people who truly succeed and those ordinary folks who don’t move forward with their lives. The difference is that those who want to live extraordinary lives look at their Needs and Stress Reactions and own them.

A Need that I have is: You prefer to be loosely scheduled where you are free to some extent to determine the pace of work. You can find things difficult if you are consistently heavily scheduled. You need time to relax and reflect. Now, I can put this into a dialog with new clients. “I’d love to work with you, but understand that I need to be loosely scheduled. I will get my work done, but don’t expect me to fill in time sheets.”

Also, I have known for some time that concentration was not was not my strong suit. And my Know Thyself Guide® confirmed this: You may become easily distracted. You can find concentration hard. You are inclined to drop one task and pick up another on the basis of seeking diversion rather than dealing with the task at hand. I LOVE it. To me, these are not disorders but constant opportunities to challenge myself and excel.

If people really want to succeed, they need to understand their Interests, Strengths, Needs, and Stress Reactions. Because once you understand what makes you tick, you can use that knowledge to make good life decisions that will take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.


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