Jack Welch, author of The Real Life MBA Shares Wisdom With Grads

Jack Welch book
Jack and Suzy Welch’s new book: The Real-Life MBA

I love this open letter from Jack and Suzy Welch to graduates. Even though the economy is not great and the task of finding a job is daunting, they recommend that graduates focus on finding their Area of Destiny. Expanding on this, they explain that career satisfaction and success lie at the intersection of “Two super highways…what you are uniquely good at and what you love doing.” While the dollars may not be there immediately, Jack and Suzy claim they will come and you will at least be happy in the process.

I could not agree more. But I would also add that it is equally important to understand our needs, or the job environment that will free us up to use our unique talents in pursuit of what we love. Perhaps the biggest reason for doing this is that it helps us minimize stress and minimizes the potential that we will resort to reactionary, counterproductive behavior. This kind of behavior, unchecked, can be a derailer for many of us.

I have found that many people, me included for many years, do not know what they are uniquely good at, what they are passionate about doing, nor what their needs are. But there is a way to jumpstart this process with a Know Thyself Guide.

Dr. Sarah E. Brown

www. Knowthyselfguides.com


Jack and Suzy Welch are co-authors of the new book, The Real-Life MBA — Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team, and Growing Your Career, which debuted as a #1 Wall Street Journal and Washington Post best-seller.

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