Recognizing Your Strengths When Looking For Your Perfect Job

When I first started writing Know Thyself Guides®, I used an analogy of a smart®car versus a Land Rover when understanding your usual behavior and strengths. Each car has its strengths, but strengths are situation-dependent.

Watch this video we found that perfectly captures this analogy:

When it comes to finding your perfect job, you need to truly understand your usual behavior and when that will be a strength before applying for jobs. In the right situations, your usual behavior is your strength. But in the wrong situations, your behavior can be ineffective–even detrimental.

Here are some example of usual behavior from my own me-book™ and the situations in which this behavior may NOT be such a strength for me:

  • You are significantly more at home with ambiguity than most people are.  You are able to see complexities in issues which may elude other people.  This can be an effective style but can sometimes be viewed as too slow by others.  

  • You are concentrative.  You tend to do your best work when able to focus on one thing at a time.  In the wrong situations,  you could appear to be too resistant to novelty and change. 

  • You are low-key in discussion or debate, consensus-oriented, seeking democratically-based rather than imposed authority and direction.  While this is an effective style in many situations, it may work less well with those who look for strong direction.  

You can see from this how important the situation is in determining whether a behavior is a strength or a problem.  So, as part of the Know Thyself Process®, you will carefully examine the situations that allow you to showcase your natural, usual behavior to support a successful career.

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